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The Essex School of Witchcraft was founded to preserve, protect and pass on the legacy of the authentic Old Craft that has been quietly practiced, in Essex and elsewhere, for countless generations. Do you feel its pull? Does it call to you? Come study and learn with us, and discover something ancient, timeless, and intrinsically real.

Dare to be Wise

Our school motto, “Sapere Aude” means Dare to be Wise. At the Essex School of Witchcraft, we do not water down the Craft. It is presented in its full, rich and vigorous form. With our 24 lesson introductory course of study, you will start with a thorough grounding in Old Craft. Once you’ve completed the introductory course, you’ll be eligible to take our 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree courses in both Low and High Craft. All courses are offered in an online format with no time limits - you may work at your own pace, in your own time. Like most British schools, the Essex School is divided into 4 Houses: Foxhollow Hawkmoor Otterbrook Deergrove Each of these animals, and landscapes, are or were a natural part of the Essex countryside. When you enrol, you’ll be admitted to one of these Houses. Each House has a Facebook group.

Why Choose the Essex School?

There are many ways to learn Shakespeare. If you attended the University of Newcastle, it would be taught in a different way than if you went to Yale, or Oxford. Or, you could just read it for yourself; it’s still Shakespeare. There are a multitude of ways to learn the Craft, and as many teachers as there are traditions to choose from. Modern Wiccan practice, as well as the thousands of books out there, make it easy for anyone to become a self- taught witch. The Craft has become eclectic and multicultural, as well as individually, infinitely customizable. It is not for us to say which tradition is right for you. But if you seek a western, specifically British, ancient and hereditary tradition of witchcraft, with deep roots and an unapologetically English heritage, if you care about authenticity within your practice, and if you’re willing to read and study, as well as have fun, play and get dirty, then the Essex School of Witchcraft may be right for you.

Do You Dare To Be Wise?

The Essex School of Witchcraft 
“We are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom” All Contents © Essex Witch 2018 
I Dare! I Dare!

Mission Statement

To preserve, protect and pass on the Old Craft to the best of our ability To encourage a new generation to explore the Old Ways To promote respect for Nature and its gifts To preserve the knowledge of our ancestors.